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Murray McDavid Whisky

Murray McDavid WhiskyAs an independent bottler, Murray McDavid takes an unusual approach to whisky making. Under the guidance of Jim McEwan, who has 40 years of whisky making experience, Murray McDavid buys barrels of single malt whiskies then ages them. to make the most agreeable drop of the pure as possible.

The company does not bottle a whisky unless all of its directors agree on its quality. You can just picture the discussions going into the wee hours. Do you think they enjoy their jobs?

Murray McDavid treats every barrel uniquely. Rather than aim for a consistent style, the tasters seek to allow each whisky’s nature to express itself. As always, the point is not some truth regarding how one should make whisky, but how the whisky tastes.

Murray McDavid does not chill-filter, which can remove flavor components, and character. They do not add caramel coloring, either. They use small labels on their bottles, they say, so that the whisky’s color can be enjoyed rather than the usual promotional blurbs.

All Murray McDavid whiskies carry a standard 46% alcohol. Higher alcohol, the bottler believes, just overwhelms the palate while lower alcohol weakens the structure. They recommend enjoying the whiskies neat or with a splash of water.

This innovative bottler uses casks that previously held sherry, rum, and even Château Lafite-Rothschild! This gives each specific bottling a subtle, unique character. Time in cask varies greatly, again depending on the specific whisky.

Murray McDavid produces only tiny amounts of these spectacular whiskies. The whiskies define the sort of wonderful rarity that aficionados clamor for. Keep that in mind if such a character inhabits your gift list.

  • Bunnahabhain, 13 years old, $89.99
  • Glendullan, 17 years old, $79.99
  • Bowmore, 11 years old, $79.99
  • Bowmore, 8 years old, $69.99