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The Dalmore Single Malt

The Dalmore is a renowned single malt from the Highlands of Scotland. In 2005, a rare bottling fetched the record (at that time) price of £32,000. That might be out of your range but this distillery offers more reasonable bottling. We would like to highlight a two of The Dalmore’s elite expressions: 15 years old and 18 years old.

Single malt whiskies uniquely articulate the distiller’s art. The nature of the water used, the nature of the pot still, the types of barrels used in the aging process, all influence the final product.

The Distillery resides in Alness, north of Inverness and claims its water from the River Alness. The river passes through peaty land, which expresses itself in the whisky. The peat supplies distinctive spicy tones to the potion. Proximity to the ocean adds a distinctive salty influence. The spirit is double distilled for superb clarity of flavor.

Perhaps the biggest influence on what pours from the bottle is the barrel aging. The Dalmore ages in two types of barrels. The spirit initioally sits in American oak barrels that had previously contained bourbon. Oak and bourbon flavors enter the spirit, as well as flavors derived from the chemical process of oxidation. The Dalmore then finishes with a shorter stay in former sherry or port casks. This second barrel type adds richness and complexity.

The Dalmore 15 years old $45.99

Aged 12 years in casks that formerly held bourbon, then a year each in three different sherry barrels, amoroso, apostoles and oloroso. Hints of these rich sherries create a delicate complexity. Golden-hued, rounded, with aromas of fruit, vanilla and spice. Exquisite.

The Dalmore 18 $94.99

Fourteen years in bourbon barrels then four in 30 year old oloroso barrels gives the whisky a lushness and yet a delicacy that will astonish you.

Single malts like The Dalmore are best served simply: straight, on the rocks, or with a splash of spring water (tap water can have off flavors that will mar your drink). While people most often serve scotch before or after a meal, but adventurous people also pour it with soups, stews, and desserts.