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Taste of New England

People identify certain foods with New England. Looking around the stores, we found several items that feature such foods. Not necessarily produced in New England, these items nonetheless bring our cherished region to mind. New products arrive in the stores almost daily but here are some of the New England-themed items currently at our stores.

  • Pumpkin. While not native to New England, pumpkins feature prominently in New England’s autumn landscape. We’ve mentioned pumpkin beer before, and have received more since then, probably close to 20. Hearty and delicious, these brews have proven extremely popular. Grab them now, stocks are dwindling. For those seeking something different, Hiram Walker has seen the light with a liqueur called Pumpkin Spice ($12.99/bottle). We expect it to prove popular, sipped by itself or as a mixer. Other pumpkin liqueurs are on their way.
  • Maple. Can anything be more New England than maple syrup? How about a whisky infused with maple? Smooth and only mildly sweet, Cabin Fever ($21.00/bottle) already enjoys an eager following.
  • Cranberry. Michigan outstrips New England in cranberry production but we still think of cranberry as our own weird little berry. Mike’s Hard Cranberry ($8.45/6-pack) proves zippy and refreshing. Cranberry beers are due in soon.
  • Apples. In the old days, when you said cider, you meant the hard stuff. Back before refrigeration, cider in its alcoholic form kept better than the sweet version. According to a website, children in the 14th century were baptized with cider because it was cleaner than water. Magner’s ($9.99/6-pack) from Ireland, and Woodchuck Fall ($9.00/6-pack) from Vermont produce serious, tasty ciders, complex, delicious, and a great alternative to beer.

And just to show the possibilities, we recently sold out of Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series Oyster Beer. Yes, an oyster-flavored beer. Such a beer may not be to everyone’s taste but it certainly brings New England to mind. If they called it Quahog Beer, the New England connection would be even stronger.

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