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Cabin Fever Maple Whisky

Rob Robillard, the maker of Cabin Fever maple whisky, visited the store recently to pour samples. We have mentioned this delightful liqueur here before but thought that his visit gave us an opportunity to say a little more about it.

Cabin Fever stands largely as a one man operation. Family members help, but making and selling Cabin now represents Rob’s full-time job. He formerly worked in the technology field.

What began as a home hobby grew as Rob developed the recipe. People enjoyed his creation.

He uses maple syrup from his own sugar bush in Vermont to flavor the whisky. He cold-filters the distillate for smoothness and to remove impurities that would compete with the maple flavors. Three years of barrel aging mellows and smooths the whisky. What results is sweet, fragrant, and warming.

Rob offered Cabin Fever two ways, with ice and neat. Ice tempers the perceived sweetness. Chilled or not, a very tasty and pleasant sip.

Rob impressed us with the many further uses one can put to this liqueur. Here are a few:

  • Whip some into maple syrup and serve on pancakes or crepes.
  • Add a dollop to whipped cream.
  • Pour over pound cake.
  • Use as a replacement for whiskey in mixed drinks.
  • Splash into the pan when doing a reduction.

The website offers many recipes at Cabin Fever.

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