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Belgian Beers

The beers of Belgium define a unique style. They are not your typical Sunday afternoon in front of a football beer, tho they certainly work in such circumstance.Their hearty, savory character, however, speaks of service with food. Belgians must eat very well, indeed.

One tastes the presence of hops in Belgian beerzx little if at all. Lush maltiness stars, making for mouthfilling and satisfying ales that will stand up to a very wide range of dishes.

Serve Belgian beers at cellar temperature, which is to say around 55 degrees. Over chilling merely numbs the flavors. Duvel recommends placing its ale an ice bucket. While pouring into a glass may seem like putting on airs, doing this really brings out the flavors and subtleties that these wine-like brews offer. Beyond that, many Belgian beers come in large format bottles. Belgian beers tend to carry considerable alcohol, which allows them to match so well with food. Best served in a goblet or wine glass.


A large-scale, dark, malty brew with big, meaty flavors. Roasted barley malt sives dark flavors and hops add a lively, wine-like complexity. Corsendonk top-ferments, which is a warm fermentation. This process adds fruitiness to the flavors. A second fermentation, that occurs in the bottle (like Champagne), helps produce a satiny foam. Don’t be afraid to match with beef dishes, cheese, or roasts.

Leffe Blond

Just your average 860 year old abbey brewery. Distinguished by a vinous fruitiness, this ale has fresh, lively flavors and satisfying richness. Less malty than other Belgian brews, it works neatly as an aperitif, and certainly with chicken dishes, burgers and all sorts of dishes. A personal favorite.

Leffe Brun

At 6.5% alcohol, roughly the same as the Blond. Roasted barley malt supplies a darker aroma and flavor. The brewery recommends serving with apricot-glazed roast duck, and we wouldn’t disagree.

Chimay Red

Chimay is one of six breweries allowed the designation of Authentic Trappist Product. That means that the ales are brewed at the monastery by Trappist monks, and that proceeds go to the monastery and its public services. The ale within the cork-finished bottle is copper-hued, fragrant, and richly flavored. Alcohol stands at a muscular 7% to stand up to hearty food. With fruity malt flavors and a piquant touch of hops, this ale will carry the day with a spectrum of dishes.

Chimay Blue

Formerly a Christmas ale now offered year round, Chimay Blue is the ultimate expression of the Belgian beer style. Boldly flavorful with a creamy foam and a full 9% alcohol, this is a beer that can be cellared for several years. Be sure to serve in a goblet  o wine glass to capture its full complexity.