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Blue Moon Brewing Company

One can only describe the range of styles available to the beer lover nowadays as astonishing. Craft brewers especially have provided us with a palette of delights, with each brewery establishing its own unique style. You can certainly call Blue Moon’s line of beers unique.

Blue Moon hails from Golden, Colorado, home of another little brewery, namely Coors. Coors in fact makes Blue Moon. Don’t let that fact prejudice you: these beers are good! Blue Moon has won 6 gold and silver medals at the World Beer Championships.

Blue Moon Beer

Blue Moon focuses on Belgian-style wheat beers. For those with foodie concerns, wheat beers complement meals nicely. Their wine-like character goes well with food. Blue Moon’s make particularly nice dinner companions. From light to full-bodied, all of Blue Moon’s beers are graceful and delicious.

Blue Moon’s beers work so well with food because they keep their hops in the background. While we love hops, a strongly-hopped IPA will overwhelm many dishes. Reserve such beers for pizza, burgers, and that bombastic chili that you make. Just a suggestion, mind you.

Blue Moon’s two mainstays are Belgian White and Winter Abbey. The two make a nice complementary pairing, one light and frothy, the other dark and rich.

The Belgian White presents a light but flavorful style, with a tasty fruitiness typical of Belgian wheat beers. Spiced with a touch of orange peel and coriander, the beer carries a lovely fragrance. It’s the pinot grigio of beers. The brewery recommends Belgian White as a match for an arugula orange salad. Add an orange slice to enhance the flavorings.

Winter Abbey Ale offers a maltier experience. Roasted malts and Belgian sugar create a dark, mouthwatering caramel impression on the palate. Not substantially sweet, Winter Abbey’s roasted, caramel-tinged flavors would go well with pot roast, as the brewery suggests.

Blue Moon offers a sampler that includes these two beers plus Pale Moon and Blue Moon Spiced Amber Ale. Take it as given that the Brewmaster’s Winter Sampler, three bottles each of the four beers, would make a grand gift for the beer lovers on your gift list. The sampler includes recipes for a four course meal, with each beer matched with a dish. Trust us, nothing makes a beer lover’s heart flutter more than receiving a sampler of beers to try.