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Allagash White Beer

Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, produces an impressive range of brews. We want to highlight just one, Allagash’s exquisite White Beer.

Allagash White Beer takes the style of Belgian wheat beers. With wheat added to the usual barley mash, a beer of fruitier character results. Wheat beers make a great canvas for the addition of flavorings. The traditional addition of Curacao orange peel and coriander accents the natural fruitiness of this beer, providing a lovely aromatic character.

Allagash bottle conditions all of its brews, in the tradition of Belgian beers. The bottle conditioning process resembles the method used for producing fine Champagne. The brewer adds sugar, specifically a Belgian one called candi sugar, along with some yeast, to each bottle. This addition causes a second fermentation, in the bottle. Like with Champagne, the trapped carbon dioxide from this fermentation provides the beer’s carbonation.

The result is beguiling. The head, you will see, consists of a fine creamy foam. The wine-like aroma shows fruit and spice. At 5% alcohol it feels rich yet fresh on the palate. It most certainly can be served with fish or poultry. The brewery recommends the traditional way of serving white beer: pour most of the bottle into a large glass, swirl to gather up the remaining sediment, pour into the glass. Again, note the spectacular head!

The brewery offers recipes using their White Beer. The sabayon recipe looks intriguing. It is a simple mixture of eggs, lemon, sugar, beer, and whipped cream. Check it out here.

Allagash White Beer–$8.99/4-pack